Frequently Asked Questions
1.What is WiFi Share?
  • WiFi Share is a free WiFi mobile app. Users can connect to AIS,DTAC,TRUEMOVE, 3BB and some other WiFi hotspots for free. With our Free WiFi Map, users can get free WiFi anywhere they go.
2.How to use WiFi Share?
  • a. Open WiFi Share and it will search WiFi hotspots nearby automatically. Then you can connect to the hotspot in Free WiFi list without WiFi password.
  • b. If there is not free WiFi around you, you can search on the Free WiFi map to the nearest free WiFi hotspots.
3.What is Points? How to use the Points?
  • The Point is the virtual currency in WiFi Share. Users can spend their Points to redeem for free WiFi time and join the lucky draw to win iPhone 6S, Galaxy S6, Top up card and other gifts.
4.How to get more Points?
  • a.Daily sign in WiFi Share to get Points;
  • b.Share WiFi hotspots to get Points. And if other users use the free WiFi hotspots, the WiFi owner (the user shared or update the password of this WiFi) will get Points;
  • c.Share WiFi Share to your friends will get points.
  • d.Join our event to get Points, free WiFi time and other gifts.
5.What is Free WiFi Time? How to use it?
  • Users can spend Points to redeem for Free WiFi Time, and users can connect to hotspots of WiFi operators (AIS,DTAC,TRUEMOVE,3BB) for free within the free timespan.
6.Will the Points or Free WiFi Time disappear by Change mobile handsets, Upgrade firmware or Factory Reset?
  • If you already login with your Facebook account, your Points and Free WiFi Time will save to our server. And you can login same account in any mobile handsets to recovery your Points and Free WiFi Time.
7.Why WiFi Share need to use mobile data?
  • WiFi Share will need few mobile data to connect to free WiFi hotspots of AIS,DTAC,TRUEMOVE,3BB. It will need mobile data to search on WiFi map if you use the app without WiFi. Mobile Telco will charge money for the mobile data.
8.Why the WiFi speed is very slow?
  • WiFi Share will connect to WiFi hotspots for users, but it will not affect to WiFi speed. Please check the WiFi status if the WiFi speed is slow.
9.My mobile handset already connect to operator WiFi, but it still need account and password to login?
  • You can only connect to operator WiFi for free while using WiFi Share. Please disconnect the WiFi and use WiFi Share to connect to the hotspots again. It will need few mobile data to connect to operator WiFi and the mobile telco will charge you money for the mobile data.
10.Why I cannot connect to WiFi of AIS,DTAC,TRUEMOVE,3BB?
  • Please make sure your handset already open mobile data and the WiFi signal is stable; Or try to connect to other WiFi hotspots.
11.How to delete the WiFi shared by me?
  • Please change the password of your WiFi.
12.Is it free while using WiFi Share?
  • It is totally free when users using WiFi Share. And we will have many events for our users to get free WiFi time and other gifts.